Monday, September 26, 2011

Bam: Started (for realsies)

Hey everyone :)
So this is the day that we've been waiting for. The plane rides in were really long as expected and we were so glad to be sleeping in a cool room.

Here is a list of our first impressions:
- Oh snap they weren't kidding about the heat and humidity (little did we know that it was the coolest part of the day)
- wow, those cats do not like each other
- well, we're in south America so we shouldn't worry about our conact being a little late to pick us up
- hmm. 40 minutes is alot to be late. Maybe we should try to call. And wow, that complete stranger just helped us out for 15 minutes using her phone and calling people and asking others if they knew where the place was that we were supposed to be going.
- you sweat sitting in the shade
- lizards like cabinets

Today we have free so we're just walking around getting familiar with the people and culture, as well as sweating like a fat kid loves cake.

Pictures hopefully to come when we get settled in more :)



  1. Glad you made it safely! Looking forward to your updates. Lizards and cabinets...I would have never guessed!

    Love from Mom and Dad

  2. Thought of you guys today - glad you made it! What kind of cats are you talking about?

  3. Wow!! What a start to the Great Adventure!! I am so excited for you both!! I am also really appreciative of the fact that you included me in your list, I really wanted to know what you decided to do, and to be honest, had no idea how far out on the limb you both climbed!! Good for you! Look forward to reading lots of great stories and all the adventures-good and bad!!
    Praying for you! Joy Fea

  4. That's nice to see you have safely traveled to FG !
    I m waiting more news ;)
    hugs !