Wednesday, September 14, 2011

10 Days to Go!!!

Hey errybody.

So as most of you know, we are leaving for the little country of French Guiana in ten days to go teach English for seven months.  We hope to be able to keep up this blog during our time there so that you all can keep up with our goings-ons at your leisure.  We've been hired by the French government to teach English in middle schools, and through this program we could have been placed anywhere in France.  We chose French Guiana :)

So those are the basics.  Most may not know the details about the city/town/village/hut that we are going to, because quite frankly there's nothing on wikipedia.  So, we will be teaching in Maripasoula and Papaïchton, French Guiana.  We will wait for you to look it up on Google Maps...

Ok as you have seen, they are very sparsely populated areas on the interior of the country, in clearings of the Amazon Rainforest only separated from the country of Suriname by the Maroni River.  We have found out via an undisclosed informant more details about the area, and hope at this point we are somewhat well prepared for this awaiting adventure.  We'll spend about a week in Cayenne- the capital- for orientation during which time we will get used to the culture, food, and the heat and humidity, and then all the English assistants will disperse to their respective assignments throughout the country.

Our place is remote: we will either take a small (as in, 8 passengers or so) plane or (the way awesomer option) a four-day boat ride up the Maroni River to get there.  Once there, we may be spending some nights in their version of a hostel- a canopy under which you hitch your hammock.  From there, we need to find ourselves a place to stay, which will most likely be a single story, wooden apartment-type building.  We may get a pet monkey.  Probably actually most likely get one.

Given its remoteness, we don't know if or how often there is internet connection.  To avoid looking like the rich targets of theft, we are not bringing any computers, ipods, or other modern "necessities." Therefore, this could possibly be our last post for seven months, too, in which case we will update you all with snail mail when we get back.  Hopefully, to avoid overtaxing the snails, we will be able to update from a McDonalds or more likely our schools fairly regularly.  So, be looking forward to many pictures of Cody running off into the Amazon and Becca running away from the Amazon, as well as pictures of exotic bugs, people, and customs :)

Please comment, letting us know what you would like to hear about, or just to say hey and let us know whats going on in your lives, too!

Becca and Cody


  1. Hi Becca and Cody,
    I ve never been to French Guyana so I will follow all your posts !
    I hope you will enjoy this experience and I m really excited to see your pictures !!
    See you soon ;)
    Aliénor (aka Starbucks)

  2. hey guys


    you'll be in our thots + prayers
    look fwd to hearing more


  3. What a great idea! Seeing as how no one REALLY knows where French Guiana is or anything about it! (just saying!) Now we'll actually be able to tell people when they ask! So proud of you guys! Hope you have fun and watch out for that pet monkey! ;)


  4. Hey Cody! Have a safe trip there buddy! I've never been to south america,(when I think of it i think mostly the spanish speaking countries and brazil)... But now that you mention it, this country sounds really interesting. So i wish you two the best, i know people there will love you because well you are awesome and since becca married you is because she's got to be awesome too. Maybe some day you could make it over here (costa rica) i know you'll like it, and it would be great to see you again after such a long time big brother!

    PD: I've been interested in doing some volunteer work, teaching english to kids in other countries, and I've found a couple of programs about it but they're all too expensive... Do you know about any program that could help me with this, maybe even sponsor a little bit?...

    Have an awesome time mi amigo! Cuidate, se te quiere mucho compadre!


  5. Rosenbarkers, this is awesome. I'm looking forward to reading your updates, whether it's seven months from now or sooner! Enjoy your time there and the work you'll be doing. You've already started educating people :) (I mean, really, how many of us actually knew where to find French Guiana before being directed to Google Maps?)

  6. I wish you both the best of luck and you will be in my prayers. This is an incredible experience in which you will not only change the lives of those in your community but your lives as well. Love ya,

    A MONKEY. So jealous.